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Company Goals:

Our goal is to change how financial traders obtain, process, and integrate their data requirements into their daily operations. We feel that for too long traders have been locked into paying exorbitant fees to collect data which is subsequently stored into a format that is little use to them in the future as their software needs change.

Today's traders have many options available to them. They may obtain real time data from data vendors that supply the data over the Internet, satellite links, FM transmission, and via cable TV. Today's real time traders must choose if they want to use java based charting applications where the data remains on the server, or to use charting applications that reside on their desktops. The dominant charting vendors all use different data formats - there is no open source data format (yet), thus requiring the trader not only to make a sizeable commitment to continue to use that format in the future.

In many ways the largest culprit in this saga is Omega Research (Trade Station), and MetaStock. Tens of thousands have paid a lot of money to collect intra-day, and end-of-day data and then to be prevented from exporting this data in a format that could then be utilized by other programs the trader might like to use.

Our goal is to change the way traders work, obtain and save their real time and end of day data.

The end-of-day trader not only has the same problems concerning the data format he/she is saving their data in, but also that they must pay a lot of money over their lifetime just to collect data that they can read in the newspaper or over the Internet for FREE. The problem they face is that while the information might be free - it is a very time consuming process to enter these prices into their computers via copy and paste.

Our software will always be providing cutting edge tools that traders may use to increase their profitability, and decrease the tediousness of data manipulation!

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