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DataSharks Downloader

Program Summary:

We designed this program for all traders who would like to maintain as large of a database they may desire - without paying excessive data fees to do so. DataSharks Downloader will automatically obtain current, and/or historical data on over 197,890 different worldwide symbols - all at no cost to you! 

The program comes with a large library (presently over 197,890) of symbol codes that will help you find the symbol code if you don't already know it. If you already know the symbol code you may enter the symbols directly. Once your download list is arranged you are ready to download the data. You have the option to download the data at a fixed time every day, or whenever you desire. 

While downloading data you may monitor the download process by viewing the monitoring window. The downloaded data may be saved in a variety of data formats (see below). 

Screen Shot (version 3.07)

For a large higher resolution screen shot click here.

Download data from Yahoo:

  • 99,893 Non-US Equity Symbols.
  • 40,458 US Equity Symbols.
  • 25,941 Option Symbols.
  • 13,097 Mutual/Hedge Funds.
  • 12,231 Indices.
  • 6,154 Debt Instruments
  • Downloads multiple securities at the same time.
  • Export the data as: MetaStock (8.0), CompuTrac, & ASCII (user defined) formats
  • Automatically Download data at pre-assigned time, or manually.
  • Downloader will automatically fill in missing data.

Key Benefits

  • Stocks, Indices & Mutual Funds - Download current and historical data back to early 1960's.
  • Obtain data for International markets via
  • Save the data as: ASCII (user defined), MetaStock (all versions), & CompuTrac Formats
  • Enter Symbols Manually, or use our Library function of over 197,890 symbols.
  • Maintain multiple download list. For example you can have a download list for stocks, and another one for mutual funds.
  • Save the data in their own unique folders.
  • Enable our automatic "bad tick" sub-routine to detect bad data if you want all downloaded data to be checked for errors.
  • For stock prices obtained from the Yahoo server you can choose to save prices as; actual price, dividend AND split adjusted, or split adjusted!
  • Ability to create download list from preexisting data files such as MetaStock, or ASCII files.
  • Edit/modify data (in all supported formats) which is saved on your hard disk.
  • See the data from within the program either as price fields or as a chart.
  • Ability to group multiple download list together into a "batch file", for easier downloading.


Description Version Price    
DataSharks Downloader v. 3.07 US $49.95 Download Now! Buy Now!
  • Demo Version only works for 14 days, and has a limited symbol of 452 symbols, representing a wide selection of markets, stocks, and indices.
  • Free updates for life!
  • Upon receiving payment we will send you via e-Mail a password to our secure server allowing you to download our full version. 

Our software is sold as "try-before-you-buy"; this means that the downloaded program is a fully functioning version, except that it stops functioning after "n" days (typically 2 weeks) have elapsed after installation, and the number of symbols being downloaded is limited. DataSharks is confidant that our prospective clients will be pleased with the performance of our programs and that two weeks is enough time to "test drive" our software. Upon payment we will immediately send you your own unique password/serial number, thereby unlocking the program. It is our goal to exceed all of your expectations! Should you wish to test the program for more than 2 weeks please contact us and we will be happy to extend the trial period.


If you have comments, suggestions, or need help, contact public_support at

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